Sunday, 28 April 2013

Changing Rooms

I mentioned in a previous post that over the summer I am planning on re-decorating my room. My room, at the moment, is blacks, pinks, whites and greys, I love the colours and design but I'm just sick of it now. My room is quite small and doesn't get a lot of sun on it so the black and dark pink make it look very dark and dingy and I feel it's time for a change. As you know, if you follow my blog, i've been under a lot of stress lately and haven't exactly been at my happiest so I feel like a fresh, new, clean room would help with my 'healthy mind' plan. 
The colour scheme I am planning for my new room is white walls, black wood furniture (my current furniture),  'gilver' accessories, with dashes of rustic looking pastels and florals. I want the room to look clean, fresh and bright but chic and classy with a touch of vintage as well and I think the mood board I have created will achieve this. Below I have shown a few of the items I have bought or am planning to buy for the new room to help give you a feel of what i'm planning!

LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED wall art, Debenhams - £19.20
Floral Vintage Storage Cases,Sasse & Belle at Debenhams - £25.60  
Punched Metal Lantern, Next Home - £14 - £22
Cath Kidston Clothes Hangers, Cath Kidston at John Lewis - £12.00
Cath Kidston Greenwich Rose Duvet Covers, Cath Kidston at John Lewis - £40 - £52
5 Light Inspire Black Chandelier, Argos - £34.98
White Glass Jewelry Stand, Wilkinsons - £10.00
Long Decorative Glass Storage Jar, Wilkinsons - £5.00
Venetian Glass Trinket Box, Wilkinsons - £8.00
12 Peony Flower String Lights, Wilkinsons - £10.00
Lily Flame Party Time Scented Candle Tin, John Lewis - £8.50
Vintage Baroque Photo Frame in Gilver, Wilkinsons - £8.00


Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sadie's Birthday Surprise

On Friday (19th) it was my little cousin, Sadie's, ninth birthday and it was the first birthday i've ever been away from her because of university. Me and my cousins, Lewis and Sadie, were pretty much all brought up together so we're the closest members of the family and when Sadie found out that I couldn't make it to her birthday she got really upset. Even on the day of her birthday she expected me to show up and again when I didn't she was upset so I phoned her and had a little chat and she cheered up - I don't like seeing Sadie upset so I came up with a little plan to surprise her.

On the phone I said that I was sending a special delivery for her birthday, it wouldn't arrive on her birthday but would definitely be there for her party! So yesterday I traveled five hours by train and coach to get back to Barrow for the party carrying a giant cardboard box covered in Disney Princess paper ready for her birthday surprise. I then arrived at her house and got under the box and sent my mum down to get her!
She had absolutely no idea what the present was and was hesitant to open it after one of her friends suggested something was going to jump out, another one wanted her to kick the box! Thank god she didn't.
When she opened the box and realised it was me she dived up for a cuddle then burst into tears! She cried, I cried, everyone cried! It was definitely the best thing i've ever done and soooo worth the horrible journey!

Watch the surprise revelation below!

I'm travelling back to Liverpool this evening and should get back about half nine! It's going to be a long
 horrible journey so i've stocked up on magazine and biscuits to keep me going! Wish me luck!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I decided today after online window shopping for around three hours (and almost crying because I don't have enough money to buy everything I want) that I would do my first every wishlist post! Also my blogs been very beauty/review type post lately so I felt it was time to throw a bit of fashion back in there! So here it is...Alily-Louise's first ever wishlist post - Enjoy my super cute Summer selection!

1 - New Look Blue Sweetheart Denim Playsuit -£22.99
2 - Topshop Fluro Mini Skater Skirt - £28.00
3 - New Look Kelly Brook Navy Floral Bralet - £22.99
4 - H&M Denim Button Up Crop Top - £12.99
5 - New Look Floral Bikini Top - £12.99 & Matching Briefs - £7.99
6 - New Look Kelly Brook Daisy Bikini top - £16.99 & Matching Briefs - £10.99
7 - Pale Pink Vans Authentic Slim Twill at Schuh - £55.00 
8 - River Island Gold Tone Cut Out Cross Necklace - £7.00
9 - Topshop Wrap Front Flippy Dress - £40.00
10 - H&M Sleeveless Lace Fringed Top - £9.99
11 - H&M Glitter Leopard Print Frayed Denim Shorts - £19.99

I hope you all enjoyed my summer wishlist but considering all together it costs £267.91 it doesn't look like i'll
 be enjoying it anytime soon! Let me know if you want to see more of this kind of post in the future! I have a 
review post and a OOTD/New buys type of post prepared for tomorrow and i'll be doing a few 
personal/lifestyle posts towards the end of the week as well as the monthly 'instagrammed' post! So watch
 this space basically!

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