Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn Favourites

Tis the season to wear chunky knits, snuggle up in front of the fire, drink hot choccy and go running and bounding through giant piles of crisp golden leaves! Yes Autumn is here and it's my fav time of year. I love the Autumn shades, the season is full of rich, warm colours with all the added frost of winter on its way. What better way to show these beautiful colours than with beautiful nails!

This post is on my current favourite collection of varnish, Sally Hansen's Complete Manicure. I've picked six of my must have shades for Autumn from an affordable highstreet name to show you all.

Each varnish is currently £6.99 in Boots and are available in loads of other highstreet stores. My favourite thing about the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure range is that each colour has a really good shine to it and it usually only takes on coat of varnish to cover the entire nail. As well is this the extra thick brush means you can cover the nail in pretty much one stroke.

The above are swatches of my favourite colours. The first is called 'Pat on the Black', number 660 and is a really dark shade of red, almost black. This shade is the one i'm thinking of Halloween because it looks so blood like, pretty gory right? 

Number two is 'Blue Rose' and makes me think of winter. It's a deep blue but not quite navy, it's a really gorgeous dark varnish that makes a nice alternative to black. The third is called 'Pumice' and is probably one of my most used shades at the moment. Grey nails (any shade) are currently a big trend in the nail art world.

Number four, 'Ivory Skull', is definitely my most used shade at the moment! If you don't have a white nail varnish these season what are you even doing!? You can get a decent white varnish for just £1 from MUA so price isn't an excuse! White nails continue to be the most popular shade for fashion and nail gurus world wide as well as celebrities including Rihanna and Kendal and Kylie Jenner.

Five and six are what i'd class as the warmer Autumn colours. Five is called 'Bandage' and is a creamy beige colour, I love a neutral nail so I just had to have this shade! It's a brilliant varnish for every day wear and work. Number six is called 'Nude Now' and is a rosy nude shade, again a brilliant neutral varnish for every day wear!

If you don't already now I do freelance nail art so if you'd like to check out some of my designs you can follow me on instagram (@alicesnailart) or like my Facebook page by clicking HERE!

Let me know what your favourite Autumn shades are and what your favourite nail varnish brands are in general in a comment below! - Alice x

London Baby!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram etc. will already know that I went on a mini holiday to London this weekend. Me the mother and step-father went to celebrate their wedding anniversary and because I haven't visited the capital in over ten years!

I've had an absolutely amazing weekend and just wanted to share a few pictures and stories from the trip with you all. There are more photos from the trip on my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (links to the right) if you really want to know more about my London adventures!

The pictures from left to right - Top row: My first look at the London skyline from the overground train, Buckingham Palace at night time, Parliament and Big Ben from the open top bus tour.

Middle row: The London Aquarium and the London Eye, me and my mummy dearest outside The Tower of London, The Tower of London and a cheeky plane sneaking into my picture!

The 'Big Bus' open top bus tour that I spent most of my weekend travelling from one landmark to another on, the giant golden Freddie Mercury statue outside the Dominion Theatre where I went to see We Will Rock you, Big Ben and the London Eye taken from the open top bus tour. 

I arrived in London on Friday threw my bags in the hotel and ran back out to go see Oxford Street and for a meal at TGIF which was sooo yum! Then we went to see We Will Rock You before having cocktails at a bar next door. After this it seemed necessary to have a cheeky drunken pizza from the greasy shop next to the hotel.

The Saturday we went to see all the landmarks like the Tower of London, the Eye, Buckingham Palace and of course Hamleys toy store! We then headed to china town in a rickshaw (easily the scariest experience of my life) and had a meal at a chinese restaurant before heading back to the hotel and pretty much passing out from exhaustion.

Sunday we met up with family that live in London and had a meal and a drink at a bar/restaurant called The Alice House (I'll be doing a separate post on this later because it was so beautiful and named after me!) then my mum and my step-dad headed back to my home town Barrow and I hopped on a train back to Liverpool!

It was such a brilliant weekend and I was very sad to return home and leave my family but I'll cherish the memories forever! Let me know all about your trips to London by leaving a comment below! -Alice x

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