Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Belissimo Lips

Oh my god I'm in love! Glitter..for your actual glitter....could you ever imagine anything so perfect!? Well no need to imagine any longer, it's here! 

On Saturday I went Christmas shopping to the Trafford Centre and was having a mooch around Topshop when I noticed a few members of staff had the most amazing sparkly lips. After stalking one poor girl around the shop to find the source of the glitter I came across a cute little pop up make up stall in the centre of the store.

There the Belissimo girls were selling their latest product 'Belissimo Lips' which is a type of glitter that can be applied to your lips using a water based adhesive. The lovely founder of Belissimo, Anita (or Missy Belissimo), was more than happy to do my lips up in shade 'Rose' (shown in the first picture) and I simply fell head over heels - I just had to get some!

After much serious consideration and discussion (involving half the staff in the store) I settled on getting shades Rose (top left), Purple (top right) and Crimson (bottom right). The wonderful Missy Belissimo also threw in a new shade which wont be released until this weekend called Moonstone (shown bottom left).

The glitter lips are SO easy to apply, all you have to do is roll on the adhesive glue with a cotton bud then roll on your glitter using the same technique. The glitter only sticks to the glue and simply brushes off anywhere else. The glitter is meant to stay on for up to twelve hours and you can still eat and drink whilst wearing it as long as you avoid greasy foods and hot drinks (so handy if you're on a diet as well!)

I left my glitter on for about nine hours then went to wipe it off with a make up wipe and it refused to budge! After scrubbing with some face wash I eventually managed to remove it - at least I know I can trust it not to budge on a night out!

I think the Belissimo Lips are such a beautiful alternative to lipstick and perfect for the festive season! I can't wait to wear mine to Christmas parties and on News Years Eve! I even plan on wearing the Rose colour casually as it's not too vibrant and attention grabbing for every day wear. The other three, however, are reserved for special nights out!

The sets are £13 for one which includes a pot of adhesive, three cotton wool applicators and a pot of glitter. However you can also buy three glitters for £30 which still includes your adhesive and applicators. My set is shown below!

For any hardcore glitter lovers like me, or anyone wanting to try something different to wow at the Christmas party, I seriously recommend checking Belissimo out! You can take a look at their website by clicking HERE where they sell a whole wide range of cool stuff as well as their glitter lips. Alternatively you can check out their products on Instagram @missybelissimo or on Twitter @belissimouk.

Comment and let me know if you've ever used Belissimo Lips or a similar product and what your favourite Belissimo Lips colour is! - Alice x



  1. I love the red one, perfect for Christmas! x

    1. I think that's my favourite! I'm going to wear it Christmas day x

  2. Moonstone is definitely my favourite xx

    1. I love it, it's grungy but still pretty! xx

  3. Love the crimson and purple they'll be perfect for Christmas :) xo

    1. The Crimson is perfect for traditional Christmas look and the purple is a nice sparkly alternative! xx

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