Thursday, 24 September 2015

BOCA: Botanical Oral Care

This is a post I’ve been meaning to do for a while about a product I really love! BOCA toothpaste is something I’ve been using for about two months now and I absolutely adore it! It’s a morning and night botanical formulation that offers ‘high performance luxury oral care’.

I’m always searching for ways to make my smile look bright and attractive, without having to resort to harsh chemicals and cosmetic procedures and I feel I might just have found that with BOCA. It’s reassuring to know that the products are completely free from toxic industrial chemicals that can pass into your bloodstream through your gums and contain no harsh abrasives, which damage enamel and lead to sensitive teeth.

It’s also reassuring to know that it’s a product made in the UK! The products are designed, researched and balanced by expert biochemists at the BOCA Botanicals laboratory in Bath!

It’s free from all nasty chemicals and each package includes two 150ml tubes of toothpaste; one organic mint flavour and one rose. I use the mint flavour in the morning to give me a fresh breath and clean minty taste throughout the day. The Rose flavour I use before I go to bed for a relaxed and soothing, but clean feel, for overnight.

So how does it work exactly? Well, BOCA Botanical toothpastes harness the natural power and properties of chamomile, aloe vera and Siberian ginseng to keep your teeth and gums healthy. They also add a low-abrasion silica to their toothpastes, which fights stains without damaging the protective enamel on the surface of your teeth.

BOCA also teach of the benefits of using two separate tooth cleaning products; one for day and one for night. When oral bacteria are regularly exposed to the same antibacterial agent, they can develop resilience – similar to germs becoming resistant to cold and flu treatments after a while.

By using different actives in Day and Overnight formulations, BOCA toothpastes make it much harder for your own little germys to become tolerant. This exclusive feature called ‘active cycling technology’ has been developed, and is pioneered exclusively by BOCA – science bitch.

Another cool thing I learnt from BOCA is that foaming at the mouth isn’t natural! Their toothpaste doesn’t make you froth at the mouth and that’s because it doesn’t contain a substance called sodium lauryl sulphate, which is used as a lathering agent in regular toothpastes and industrial detergents. Doesn’t really sound like something you want to be putting in your mouth now does it? Hm no, didn’t think so!

The pastes are jam packed full of natural ingredients and have helped whiten my teeth, freshen my breath and reduce plaque dramatically. 10/10 would use again! If you fancy giving BOCA a go then click THIS link to try the rose and mint duo for just £20.

Have you ever used BOCA products? What’s your favourite tooth care product? Let me know in a comment below!


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    1. Thank you, let me know if you do! :) xx

  2. I never tried it but quite interesting
    I thought it's a beauty product

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    1. It's pretty cool isn't it :) keeps your teeth beautiful haha xx

  3. Lovely post and product look good.

  4. They make Rose flavoured toothpaste??? That is pretty cool! Ahhhh I struggle with stains on teeth from green tea lol even my cups get stained, it's nice to know there are products out there that aren't super harsh on your teeth like this. Have a beautiful day Alice!

    1. Haha yes you need it!!! I feel ya girl green tea is so good for beauty routines but so bad at the same time! You too lovely :) xx

  5. I have no idea regarding the sodium lauryl sulphate! Scary! Will try to use Boca now!

    Hugs from the Philippines!
    - Seyra

    1. Neither did I! Was scary to find out, but it's good to know there are safer products out there :) xx

  6. You've displayed this so well on the blog,it looks so beautiful.Nice blog

  7. Never heard of this brand before but I learned some interesting about oral care on this post! Thank you!

     Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

  8. Great post dear!

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