Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nook & Cranny blogger reception

Above: The Blogger reception © Abby Brennan

Above: The COS stall © Nook & Cranny

The adorably amazing launch to the Celebration of style, hosted by Nook & Cranny last Thursday, saw about 60 bloggers invited to their events space where they put on an exhibition of fashion, textiles and surface art including installation, photography and garments.

The wonderful Nook & Cranny crew also had a stall in the Rum Warehouse on Friday where their in-house illustrator Rheannon Ormond was live drawing guests as an “artistic alternative” to the selfie! You can check these out by searching #COSselfie – so cool!

Then on Saturday Nook & Cranny hosted a clothes swap at their independent store in the heart of Liverpool’s art quarter. It was called the ‘Bold Street Fashion Exchange’ with the tag line ‘Swap til you Drop’.  Entry was £2 on the door for people to come along with their pre-loved items and update/makeover their wardrobe with a thrifty exchange.

Stephanie Whalley, the Marketing Officer of Nook and Cranny, said: “Thrifty, vintage and retro are a big deal on the Liverpool fashion scene so we wanted to bring this to light in what was otherwise a high-end event. Cricket and Matalan were the big names behind the event and we really wanted to pioneer individuality and the alternatives to fast fashion. “

She added: “The blogger event and clothes swap were a great success. People really got into the spirit of things and we got people coming specifically for the event but also attracted the interest of a lot of shoppers who were simply wandering around the store. We didn’t necessarily plan to hold another clothes swap event but following the success of the weekend, we are now going to be holding another one on January 10th.”

To find out more about Nook & Cranny visit them HERE



  1. Such a cute event, I got a similar portrait thing done at a Manchester event x

    1. I know! Aw I didn't have time to get mine done! xx

  2. Love, love, love the gals at Nook and Cranny! Proper home grown talent xx

  3. Your site makes me miss Liverpool!


    1. Aw I'm sorry! hopefully it brings back happy memories at the same time! xx


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