Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The Valentines Guide

Valentines Day is almost upon us and same as always I'm totally un-organised! What to do? What to BUY? WHAT TO WEAR!?!?!?! As well as Valentines being right around the corner it's also my one year anniversary with my lovely boyfriend today (Just to add extra chaos!)

Luckily the lovely people at Quiz Clothing got in touch with me last week and asked me to talk about good ideas for valentines plans - which really kicked my a** into gear! This year I think I'm actually going to be a reasonably organised human being for once!

So for those of you who are like me when it comes to the day of love (useless and un-organised) I've made a break down of last minute outfit ideas, bargain gifts and amazing date locations that your significant other totally wont even know you booked last minute!

Where to go:

My 'where to go' section of this post will be based in Liverpool because that's where I live, but hopefully these date ideas will inspire people from all areas as well as all you scouse lovelies! These venues are all perfect for couples as well as friends wanting to go out and celebrate!

The first picture on my date guide is The Wheel of Liverpool. With absolutely amazing views of the city and the Mersey all for the price of about £15 the wheel is an absolute steal! My boyfriend and I went on it a few weeks back at sun set and I genuinely can't think of a more romantic way to spend an evening!

You can also spend a little bit more to get a premium carriage which offers champagne and other complimentary goodies! To book onto the wheel you can either visit their website by clicking here or alternatively visit the wheel which is situated next to The Albert Dock and The Echo Arena.

The second picture is of the Odeon Cinema in the Liverpool One. The cinema is always the perfect idea for a date; it's reasonably priced, you can see great films and you can have a cheeky kiss in the back row! What more could a girl want?

The Odeon in Liverpool is huge and still has plenty of seats available for Valentines day and night so book yourself a seat ASAP! I'd suggest going to see the new 50 Shades of Grey film that is released on Valentines Day itself - the book was amazing and the film is guaranteed to get you hot under the collar. It's also great to have a giggle at if you're with friends!

The bottom left image is of Chaophraya Liverpool which is situated at the very top of the Liverpool One. Chaophraya is an absolutely amazing restaurant with a semi-reasonably priced menu. It's also home to a beautiful cocktail bar, Palm Sugar. It's the perfect place to go for a dressy meal with friends or with the boyf whilst watching your cocktails being made by the amazing staff behind the bar!

The bottom right image is the restaurant area of the Liverpool one which has everything from Cafe Rouge to Wagamama so if you're struggling to think of somewhere to go just have a wander up to the restaurant deck and pick from tonnes of restaurants. There really is something to suit everyone!

What to wear:

This section is broken down into three parts; 'day', 'evening' and 'night' but most of the looks will be transferable to whatever kind of date you're going on!

The first outfit will be perfect for an evening meal or night out, the second would work well for a day time meal or trip to the cinema and on the wheel and the final outfit.....well I'd save that one exclusively for the bedroom!

What to buy: 

I'm going to give you four very simple gift options that are either super bargains or things that you can make yourself. I personally think hand made gifts are more loving and come from the heart but if you really don't have a creative flare I've picked some fail-proof budget gift ideas!

So the first picture in my guide is a DIY gift called '52 things I love about you'. All you need for this is a pack of cards, a sharpie and 52 things you love about your significant other! I made the cards for my boyfriend this year and in all honesty the hardest part was thinking of 52 things that weren't completely weird! Well that and getting the sharpie off of my hands!

The top right picture is obviously flowers! Flowers are so beautiful and you really can't go wrong with them, pretty much every girl loves flowers! Beautiful bouquets are available everywhere and Lidl will be selling amazing bunches of roses for under £5 from Friday the 13th of February so get down there on the day before they sell out!

The middle right picture is another home made option of 'love coupons'. The idea is to write a book of coupons that your loved one can exchange for favours such as 'breakfast in bed' or 'I clean the dishes tonight'. I also made these for my boyfriend and they were so easy and such a cute idea!

The final image is valentines cookies. You can buy some super cute cookies and cakes from most supermarkets and Home Bargains is also selling a Valentines cookie range at the moment. Alternatively you can bake your own sweet treats, even if they go totally wrong it's the thought that counts!

So that's the end of my Valentines guide for the un-organised. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helps those of you making last minute preparations for Valentines Day! I hope everyone has a great day no matter what you get up to - if my post inspired any of your plans then don't forget to tweet me!


  1. Ahhhh those cards are so cute! I really want to do something like that for mine and Adam's three year aniversary x

    1. I know! Go for it it's such an easy idea and so cheap for us students! xx

  2. Chaophraya is boss and the cocktails are amaze, I went there for my mates 21st last year xx

  3. Liverpool is the best place for dates, there are endless things to do there. I've never actually plucked up the courage to go on the wheel though as I don't like heights!


    1. I know, my boyfriend and I have been to so many lovely places! Oh my god so am I and took the risk and went on it and honestly it was amazing and so worth the terror! Haha! xx

  4. Love this post and I love Quiz! x


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