Saturday, 21 March 2015

Primark SS15 picks

As you can probably guess today's post is all about the amazing new Spring/Summer range from Primark! As a student and an avid bargain hunter Primark is literally like Mecca to me, what's not to love about getting beautiful on trend pieces for less than high street price!?

Primark have really outdone themselves this time with vibrant colours, metallics and amazing patterns so I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of what's coming to a store near you.

Above you can see three of the beautiful bags that are coming in store for the new season. The first is a beautiful pastel pink bag that can be used as a clutch or regular bag as it has a metal chain strap that can be detached. I've already seen this bag appearing in stores but I think the other two will be coming out closer to summer.

I will 100% be getting both of the patterned clutches, I absolutely love bright colours and fruit and tropical prints are my absolute favourites. Box style bags are my weakness, I have a disturbingly large collection of them and I can't wait to add the the tropical bag to it.

The lemon bag I just adore! Any one who follows my Instagram knows I collect fruit things (mainly pineapples) so I can't wait to get my hands on this clutch. Also I absolutely love things with the like see through/PVC look, it's really on trend this season so this bag is on point.

The shoes I think are possibly the downfall of Primark's collection. They're okay but quite bulky and a bit over the top - great for some people but not very me! I do however like the sandals shown above on the right. The ones on the left are a bit clunky for my tastes but I thought the print was pretty cool.

The necklace shown above is just stunning in my opinion! I absolutely love that pastel shade of cornflower blue. the necklace is like a matte metal and comes in other colours as well as the blue. The jewellery collection for the season is pretty perfect overall. 

You can see a few more examples of this seasons shows above, I love the two lace up gladiator style sandals on the left and right, but again think the centre ones are a bit too bulky. Just a personal preference, I know a lot of people are wearing them at the moment.

Florals are obviously a must have for Spring/Summer and Primark have pretty much nailed the floral print in their collection. They've mixed simple feminine florals with floaty, hippy-style materials and lace to make this beautiful boho collection. The co-ord shown in the middle is a personal favourite of mine.

Primark have also come out with a brighter, more vibrant floral range for summer. As you can see above they've used contrasting blues and pinks to create the perfect graphic print.There are a lot of stunning yellow shades in the collection as well which I'm made up about as it's my favourite colour.

The floaty t-shirt style dress seems to be a big hit for SS15 as well. Primark have nailed it with the yellow and white lace dress shown in the middle. I also love the white sliders in that photo.

Pastels are again an essential for SS15 and Primark have come up with a variation of prints and styles to suit all pastel wearers. I personally love the floaty dress on the right and the vibrant tunic dress in the centre. The PVC bag is shown here again but with a pinstripe pattern, I don't like this as much as the lemon one but it's still cute!

The white outfit on the end is absolutely stunning and would be a perfect outfit to wear on holidays during the day time or even on cooler summer days. I absolutely love the lace bra-let and chunky necklace.

Those reflective sunglasses have taken me on a nostalgic trip back to my childhood in the early 90's! They were all the rage back then and are apparently making a comeback - win for the 90's kids. You can see more of the graphic floral prints I was talking about above along with a funky animal print dress.

As you can probably tell from the pictures above, bright pop art lip colours are in this season and I'm pretty sure Primark's new P.S. make up range has some vibrant lippy's to see you through to summer - Primark pretty much has all the bases covered!

Let me know if you've seen any of the stuff above in your local store and tell me your favourite summer trends in a comment below! - Alice x



  1. I really love their bags ^__^ Xx

  2. I love the printed culotte co-ords
    Joey xx

  3. Some of these picks are amazing, quite surprised that they are Primark!
    Feel free to check out our newest post x

    1. I was pretty shocked myself! Cool I'll take a look now :) xx

  4. Thank you very much for this post! It’s really interesting!
    Fell in love with your blog! You did a great job!

    p.s. new post - how I met Victoria Beckham

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. No problem, glad you like it! Cool I'll check it out now xx


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