Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Green stuff

This morning I posted a picture of my breakfast smoothie on Instagram saying “Green stuff in bed”. I was planning on doing a recipe post for it sometime this week but as I’ve already received a lot of your requests to post the recipe I thought I may as well put it up today!

I’ve been on a bit of a health kick recently (something that is very rare for me) as I’ve noticed my skin and hair were looking slightly off. I decided to ditch the bad diet I’ve had recently, which consisted of eating junk food all day or not eating at all, and aim for a healthier lifestyle.

Is there a more Instagram-able way to get healthy than by making smoothies? I think not! So I started research some good recipes for breakfasts. I’ve always struggled with breakfast, I’m just never awake enough to eat anything, so being able to drink my brekkie was an excellent alternative! Plus it’s an excellent way to aim towards your five a day!

The recipe I have is designed for two medium servings or one large serving, the picture on my Instagram shows a large serving. I’ve dumbed down the recipe slightly as I found it hard to follow and removed all the weird pricey ingredients – trust me it’s good enough without them! Here’s what you will need!

  •          3 Apples
  •          1 Banana
  •          1 kiwi
  •          15 green grapes
  •          1 mango
  •          ¼ cucumber
  •          ½ lime
  •          1 handful spinach
  •          1 tea spoon of flax seed
  •          1 smoothie maker, food processor or hand blender

Step one: Start by prepping your fruit. Peel your apples and banana, remove the apple core then chop both into small pieces and put them in your blender. You can put the grapes in whole.

Step two: More fruity prep! Cut your mango and kiwi in half then scoop their edible insides into your smoothie maker with the rest of the fruit.

Step three: The veggie bit. Peel your cucumber and chop into small pieces and add it to the fruit. Shred the spinach with your hands and chuck that in as well. Squeeze your ½ lime into the smoothie maker as well, get as much juice out as you can but don’t worry if there isn’t a lot – a little goes a long way with citrus!

Step four: Add your flax seed and put the blender’s lid on, or cover whatever your making your smoothie in – this is important! Then get blending! When your mix is smooth and runny you can either sieve it to make it extra smooth or serve it up bits and all!

Tip: Remember to serve it in your most presentable cup and vintage paper straw to make it Pinterest worthy!

Okay so that last tip was a bit of a joke but good props never hurt! I hope you all enjoyed this post and have fun making the recipe! I got all of the ingredients for this recipe (except that flax, you can get them here) from Aldi, so it was super affordable and there was plenty or fruit and veg left over to snack on and make smoothies for the rest of the week!

Let me know if you try this recipe, if you do share your pics on Instagram and tag me in them ‘@alicelouisealk’. Let me know what you think of this recipe in a comment below!



  1. Oooh, I can't believe I'm saying that it actually sounds like it tastes nice! Hahaha, it really does though! I love drinking healthy smoothies and I'm definitely going to put this on my recipe book! Thanks <3

    xx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

    1. It really is good! I hope you enjoy it xx

  2. Sounds really good, i'm hardly able to stomach breakfast most mornings too so this sounds handy! X

    1. Smoothies are great when you can't hack breakfast! xx

  3. oh yummy! i'll definitely give this a try soon :)

  4. This sounds yummy! I'm always hesitant to put spinach in smoothies but your pictures have convinced me haha

    Rachel xx

    1. It's not a strong taste but it is an excellent thickener in smoothies :) xx

  5. lovely blog, nice Sunday!

  6. Ohh this looks delicious!! I love smoothies now and always make them in my nutribullet, going to give this one a try for sure x


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