Monday, 25 March 2013

Here comes the bride

I've been promising for a while to do a post on my beautiful mum's wedding that was on the 9th of February this year....the time has come! I really want to share this post with everyone because the day was absolutely amazing, I want to show off my dress and I just want the world to know how proud I am of my beautiful amazing mother - Helen this post is for you x

(Group photo of all the guests at the ceremony and reception)

The day started off at around 6am with a breakfast of croissants and coffee (the breakfast of queens) and a few excited/nervous tears from both me and my mum. At 7am the hairdresser arrived and began work on mine and mums hair whilst Andy (the fiancee, now husband) went to the cemetery to put flowers on his mother, father and sisters graves. Between 8/9am I was finishing off mums make-up after doing mine and the wedding car had arrived to take Andy and my cousin Lewis (Best man) to Clarence house where the wedding was being held.

(The cousins, left to right: Rachel, Sadie, Me, Lewis and Sarah)

The next section is a blur but between 9.30/10am the wedding car returned to take me, my grandma and my little cousin Sadie (flower girl) up to the venue and then returned again for my mum and grandad to bring them up to the venue for about 10am. As me, Sadie, mum and grandad made are way up to the chapel we could here the first few notes of Pachelbel's Canon by this point we were all really nervous and excited. 

(The flower bouquets lovingly hand crafted by me & mum and one of the tables at the reception)

Sadie turned the corner to go down the isle before me looking beautiful in her little white dress and then it was my turn. All I remember thinking on my way down towards the alter is "Jesus christ this floor is not safe to walk on in these heel!" Then as I reached my place and turned to see my mum walking down with my grandad grinning away at everyone I think I must have been the proudest daughter in the world. My mum has overcome so much to reach that day and she will never stop amazing me.

(All the girls! Me, Mum & Sadie posing before and after the ceremony!)

Next the vows were exchanged and, again, this section is all a bit of a blur! I went to sign the register as witness then next thing it was all "You are now husband and wife!" My mummy was the new Mrs. Murray! We made our way back out of the chapel to the traditional wedding march and into the conservatory for champagne and bucks fizz! After this we were all seated at our tables and it was time for the speeches. Needless to say I was terrified for my speech! 

(My Dorothy Perkins dress and Topshop shoe combo looked great with the colour scheme! Me getting out of the car at the venue, me giving my speech and me and my beautiful Grandma!)

After panicking for weeks about my speech (which I completed on the train home the day before the wedding might I add) it went brilliantly! Everyone laughed and cried as I said how much I loved my mum and wished my auntie Paula, who sadly died a few years ago, could be there to see her. All the speeches went well with only one slight hitch including a giant, flaming candle falling from a great height.....but we wont get into that!

(Andy's customised champagne glass, said candle and mums matching glass)

After the speeches there were toasts and then we tucked into a meal of veg soup (The venue messed up the starter! It was meant to be pate), roast chicken and sticky toffee pudding for dessert! The food was amazing and I managed not to spill a thing on my beautiful dress! The new Mr & Mrs Murray then cut the cake and everyone went outside or into the lounge and conservatory for drinks and a chill before the night do!

(The wishing well for people to post cards and money, wedding menu and the gorgeous cake which was a gift from my Auntie Sarah and Uncle Mark)

At the night do there was an Elvis impersonator and a DJ, it was an amazing night! A tea of pie and peas was served (proper northern style) and every one bought me crazy amounts of drinks, needless to say I was fairly drunk by the end of the night! Overall it was an amazing day and one that I will never forget. I know my mum and all my family enjoyed the day and have been talking about it ever since!

(Me, Mum, Andy, Sadie & Lewis. My wine glass with homemade name place. Mum, Andy & Me)

This is a personal post which I don't do too many of but this is something I really want on my blog. I'd like to finish this post how I started really by saying my mum is a truely amazing person. She has been faced with a lot of hard times in her life but never once has she let it beat her and never once has she let me down and I know she never will - I love you mum x



  1. this is gorgeous! you all look beaut xxx

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