Friday, 29 May 2015

Favourite fragrances

Coco Chanel once said: “A women who doesn't wear perfume has no future.” I've seen this quote a thousand time over, plastered across fragrance related blog posts. However I think it is a stupid and frankly rather sexist statement that associates a woman’s worth with her taste in cosmetics.

With that short and angry rant out of the way I’d like to say I do believe that it is true to an extent that your choice in scent reflects a small part of your personality. As Christian Dior said: “A woman’s perfume tells you more about her than her handwriting.”

In line with this it is fitting that my favourite perfume is in fact me. Yep my favourite perfume is called ‘Naughty Alice’ by Vivienne Westwood. I don’t know what exactly this says about me, am I self-obsessed for liking something named after me? Or do I just like the perfumes sweet floral scent? In truth it’s probably a mix of the two.

Its around about £53 for a 50ml bottle but a small spray goes a long way, making this scent worth the money. It also comes with a little Vivienne Westwood charm, which can be worn as a bracelet, wrapped around the neck of the bottle.

There is another perfume by Westwood called ‘Cheeky Alice’ which is a bit less sweet smelling and a little more floral. I own both perfumes but prefer the ‘Naughty’ perfume. The ‘Cheeky’ fragrance is the same price and also comes with a charm which is red, opposed to the ‘Naughty’ charm which is pale blue.

My every day perfume is Rose by Paul Smith. It’s a strong floral scent, of roses…obviously and is one of my all-time favourite perfumes. It should cost around £52 for a 50ml bottle however I managed to grab a bargain in the January sales and got the Paul Smith gift set, which included the fragrance and a toiletries bag, for just £28!

I wear this one every day as it isn't as strong as the Vivienne Westwood perfume but still as beautiful, plus the Westwood is reserved for special occasions!

So what is there to say about a gal who loves floral perfumes? Well according to it’s this: “You love to sip champagne from a long-stemmed flute, especially if it is that pink kind and accompanied by a $8 cupcake. Your friends can always rely on you to organize girls’ nights out. Some of them offer to help, but you prefer to take full responsibility and organize everything right down to coordinating everyone’s outfits. You are not ashamed of your love of reality TV and the fact that you have watched at least one episode from every Real Housewives spin-off to ever air on TV.

I’ll let you decide whether or not you think that’s true! If you want to find out more about what your favourite perfume says about you then check out the full post on The Gloss here.

Have you ever tried either of these perfumes? Or do you love a certain fragrance? Let me know in a comment below!


  1. I love the Cheeky Alice perfume!! It's one of my favourites that and anything Jo Malone xx

    1. I love Jo Malone, I don't think they've made anything I don't like the smell of haha xx

  2. I got "You are a no nonsense chick. And for the record, you hate the word “chick.” It is as repulsive as someone calling you “babe,” or trying to kiss you on the cheek as a greeting instead of offering you a proper handshake. You always tell the truth because it’s better to tell someone that outfit doesn’t suit them to their face, then for them to go out in public in it. Sometimes your honesty gets you in trouble, but it’s not going to stop you. Deep down they are thankful for your opinion."

    Some of it's true but I call everyone chick....oops.

    1. Haha oops indeed! The rest is pretty true though I can confirm! xx


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