Monday, 1 February 2016

Book Club #2

The New Year Book Club post is finally here! Hoorah! This post has taken me a while to construct plainly because there were just too many books I wanted to get in here! I eventually decided there was no better way to kick of the 2016 book club than by reviewing my all time favourite kick ass, motivational, girl power books! I've picked out three of the books that have inspired me to become the (slightly scary) business woman I am today as well as a stronger person in general! I hope you enjoy the mini reviews and I hope these books inspire you to become the bad ass b*tches you truly are!

First up we have Leave Your Mark by Aliza Light. Aliza is a kick-ass communications executive, fashions favourite PR girl and a social networking phenomenon – all a 2016 girl aspires to be no? In her book she offers a personal and professional guide to people just starting out in their careers and for those who are already well on their way. The invaluable life lessons in this book got me through that awkward “what the shit am I doing with my life” phase after I finished uni. This book is ideal for those who are looking to buff up on communication skills whilst building your own personal brand.

Whether you need that little push into your new career or are looking to gain confidence in your area of work, Aliza’s book will offer you the support and sassiness you need to move on up in the world! It's also a great help for those of us who sometimes feel at a bit of a loss when it comes to their careers, maybe you've just finished uni or college? Or you've come face to face with unemployment for the first time in years? Or maybe you are picking the specialist study subjects for you’re A-levels? Whatever life has thrown at you, this is the book to get you out of your slump and motivate you to kick your problems in the ass! Get your very own copy HERE from Amazon.

Next we have a book that I stumbled upon in my second year of Uni, where I was facing one of the hardest times in my life, #GIRLBOSS. Suffering with mental illness following the loss of a close friend I was struggling to keep up with my studies and the thought of spending time with friends terrified me beyond reason. There were times when I genuinely didn't know how I was going to carry on, and then I found out about Sophia Amoruso, through her autobiographical book. This woman has faced depression and severe illnesses and had still managed to come out on top and become a boss ass business woman.

Reading about Sophia’s struggles and success gave me the strength to see that everyone, no matter their situation, can power through and become stronger than they ever were. She is the founder and former CEO of Nasty Gal clothing (who we all know and love) as well as a New York Times best selling author. The book follows the life of Sophia starting with the first thing she ever sold, a stolen book, on eBay, but is infinitely so much more than use a mediocre autobiography. It is inspirational and motivational and for me was a real life changer. The perfect book if need some empowerment in your life. Get your copy from Amazon HERE.

The final book for this month is How to be Parisian Wherever you are: Love, Style and Bad Habits. Written by four fabulously accomplished French women the book educates us all on how to dress, party and behave (without behaving) as a Parisian. It's a different kind of inspirational to the two previous books but an inspiration all the same. Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Carline de Maigret and Sophie Mas are all working mothers who have been friends for years. Each of them, talented bohemian iconoclasts, with careers in music, film, fashion and publishing, offer a frank outlook on what it means to be Parisian and a personal and touching take on the world. 

This books not only inspires women to become empowered and shoot for the stars when it comes to their careers, but also highlights the mistakes and faults of an everyday human being – showing that it's not always an easy ride to the top. An excellent book for fashionistas, style enthusiasts, career obsessives and just any everyday gal that strives to be a bit more….well, Parisian! Get your copy HERE from Amazon.

I hope you all enjoyed the new Book Club post and if anyone has any book suggestions for me to read and review, then let me know in a comment below!



  1. I've literally seen How to be Parisian Wherever you are everywhere! I was so tempted to buy it but as of yet haven't! I'm definitely trying to read more this month - it's lovely to read how they've really helped you and that books have had such a great effect on you xx

    1. Try looking on Amazon or EBay if you're looking for a cheaper version! :) thank you lovely xx

  2. I definitely need to read girl boss soon, it sounds amazing! Great post! x


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