Sunday, 21 February 2016

Super Mega Lush Haul

Hi guys! My blogging dry January is finally over and I'm so excited to be getting back into writing! I've got so many exciting posts coming your way and what better way to start than with a Lush haul!? 

Lush hauls are my absolute guilty pleasure. I love reading and watching reviews of all the products and seeing fellow bloggers opinions on the new collections! My haul is mainly goodies from the Boxing Day sales (which were awesome this year BTW!), as well as gifts and a few bits I picked up from the new seasons range.

First up is the HelloGorgeous gift box, which was a Christmas present from Josh's parents. In it was the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub – an exfoliating scrub which can also be used as a hair product, it has a citrusy scent and is really good for scrubbing away dry and dead winter skin! Also in the box was the Love and Light hand cream which is amazingly soft and soothing and has a lovely cocoa like scent, there was also a sample of Gorgeous face moisturiser which I'm in love with – I can't wait to purchase the full size version. The Comforter bubble bar (pink and white swirled) and the Sex Bomb (pink and purple with a rose on top) bath bomb were also a part of the gift set, which are two of my all time favourites!

Next up are some of my goodies from the Valentines collection and from the new season collection. First is the Karma bubble bar, which is a gold, purple and orange pyramid. It smells like tropical fruits and is one of my new favourites. Next is the Pink Flamingo reusable bubble bar (pink flamingo on a stick!) which has a woody floral scent and leaves your bath pretty and pink!

From the Valentines collection I got the Unicorn Horn bubble bar, which is a rainbow of glittering, pastel colours in the shape of a unicorn horn! This was something I saw on Instagram a few weeks back and searched three separate stores to find – now that's commitment! I also grabbed a 500g bottle of the Prince Charming shower crème. I love this product, it smells like pomegranate and is beautifully pink but I would have preferred it in a shower gel as I just feel it lathers up better!

Now for the big boring bit! I got three separate xmas gift sets in the Boxing Day sales (festive or not, they're still good products!) as well as two mini gift boxes and some random bath bombs and beauty goodies! Sadly I can't post links to these products as they're now all sold out but I hope you al still enjoy reading about them anyway!

The first gift set I got was the Snow Fairy’s Castle box. It came in a super cute box that looked like a Disney castle and had a 100g bottle of the Snow Fairy shower gel, a So White bath bomb, a Magic Wand reusable bubble bar and a little 50g bottle of Fairy Dust – which is a glittering dusting powder! I also got a Little Snow Fairy gift set (one of the mini boxes) which contained another 100g bottle of the Snow Fairy shower gel and the Pink Fun. I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘Fun’ products from Lush as I don’t see the point in them but they still make a good shower scrub!

One of the other big boxes I got in the sale was the Fire Cracker gift set which contained two of my favourite bath bombs; The Experimenter and Intergalactic as well as on of this year’s best sellers, the Candy Mountain bubble bar. Candy Mountain is usually really pretty and pink but, as you can see in the pictures above, mine got dyed slightly blue due to the long journey packed in a box with the two darker bath bombs! I also got the Merry  Christmas gift set which was full of Christmas best sellers, including; a Peeping Santa bubble bar, a Lord of Misrule bath bomb, a Golden Wonder bath bomb, a Dashing Santa bath bomb and finally the mini Cinders bath bomb.

There was also a large tin box of goodies I ordered in the sale but I can’t remember the name! I just know it came in a round, cake tin style box with a really cute reindeer on the lid! In it was; a 100g bottle of the Gorgeous shower gel, a Golden Wonder bath bomb, a re-usable sparkling bubble bar, another Cinders bath bomb, a 100g tub of the Karma Karma had and body lotion and a citrusy smelling golden soap.

The other mini set I got was the Santa’s Belly bauble which contained a 100g tub of the Santa’s Belly shower jelly, which was bright, sparkly red and full of golden stars, as well a 100g of the Red Fun. Finally some of the extra goodies I grabbed in the sale were a couple of extra Golden Wonder bath bombs, some White Star bombs, blocks of Father Time soap and 12 Butter Bear bombs which also came in a super cute re-usable tin.

So I hope you all enjoyed reading about this ridiculously over-sized Lush haul as much as I’m enjoying using it all! Which is your favourite Lush goodie? Let me know in a comment below!



  1. Aw really wishing I'd picked up the Unicorn Horn when I saw it yesterday! I'm a huge fan of the Magic of Christmas :) I really wish I'd managed to get another one in the sales xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. It's one of their cutest products for sure! Oh well always next year! :) xx


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