Monday, 28 March 2016

Avon Sleep Serenity

Everyone knows how hard it is to juggle your job or school work and a social life as well time with family/SOs. When you've got a lot on in your life, more often than not, it’s your sleeping pattern that takes a hit. I know I used to go weeks on about three hours sleep a night when I was at uni, just trying to cram in a few extra words on a project or coming in at 6am from a night out, crashing for a few hours, and then dragging myself to a class!

Even now that I’m semi-adult, with a full-time ‘grown up’ job and a mortgage to save for, I still manage to pull all-nighters like I’m in my first year of uni! Whether it’s stressing about work, or bills, or relationships there always seems to be something keeping me up at night, no matter how hard I try to sleep!

I’ve tried every type of sleeping technique going – everything from counting sheep to controlled breathing! As a last resort, before dragging myself to the doctors, I ordered some Avon Sleep Serenity products which are designed to calm and soothe you before you sleep. After leaving the doctors with a long list of recommended products designed to help you sleep I totally forgot I’d ordered from Avon.

When my order arrived a few weeks later I was already getting to sleep quite well with herbal remedies that I’d found thanks to my doctor, but I thought there was nothing to lose so why not give it a go? I got the sleep mist and balm, the mist is to spray on and around your pillow before you get into bed and the balm is to rub on your temples and chest (kind of like vapour rub).

Both the products smell faintly of lavender which is relaxing on its own, so I was pretty optimistic as I got into bed that night – and you know what? They actually did help me to relax.

Now I am in no way claiming that these products are a miracle cure for sleepless nights. However they did give me the one thing I needed, which was a distraction. I lay in bed thinking how nice they smelt and how relaxing it was to be surrounded by the fresh scent of Lavender….and then I just drifted off! No assistance needed!

They simply relax your mind so all the stress from the day simply floats away and you’re free to sink into sleep! I still need to use the other sleep products from time to time, but if I haven’t had a particularly stressful day I just spray my pillow, rub the balm in and lie back, soothed to sleep!

If you’re a bit stressed at the moment, or are staying up to meet deadlines I strongly recommend trying out these little Avon beauties. You can order them your local Avon salesperson or alternatively check them out on the Avon website.

Remember if you are having serious trouble sleeping or are overly stressed you should always speak to a friend or family member, or visit your doctor instead of suffering in silence. It may feel silly to visit a doctor over sleep sometimes but when you go they more often than not can give you a simple solution! Alternatively I’m always here if anyone needs advice or a chat – I’ll always try to help to the best of my ability.

What do you think about Avon Sleep Serenity? How do you get yourself to sleep at night? Let me know in a comment below!



  1. This sounds so good, I've never tried a product like it before but I too struggle to sleep sometimes so it may be worth trying out! Xx

    1. It's definitely worth testing out! xx


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