Monday, 7 December 2015

Ciaté London Advent Calendar: Week One

So as anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram know, I’ve been opening up this little Ciaté bad boy for the last week! I’ve literally been raving about it pretty much all week, doing everyone’s head in I imagine, but I’m too happy to care!

The Ciaté London calendar was a bargain I found in TK Maxx for just £20 and managed to convince Josh to buy it for me – what a gem! You get a mini nail polish, top coat, base coat or nail effect each day of December up until 24th, which works out as an absolute steal for 83p per nail polish!

So far in my growing collection I have three solid colours, three glitter top coats and one nail affect. Ciaté is one of my favourite brands for nail products so I’m so excited to finish opening up the calendar!

In the pictures above you can see the three solid colour polishes. From left to right they are: Members Only – a shimmery peachy, pink colour, Encore - which is a burnt orange shade and Pepperminty - which is a lovely cool turquoise shade.

Below them you can see the sparkling top coats, from left to right they are: Confetti – a hologram, silver glitter, Meet Me In Mayfair – which is a black and white confetti style top coat with splashes of silver and pastel colour mixed in and finally there’s Glitterball – a really cool top coat with mixed sized, dusky pink pieces of glitter.

In the picture underneath the top coats you can see the first of my nail effect, Miss Mistletoe. This features sparkly, sequin type glitter which can be used to pour onto wet nail varnish to give you a statement nail. The glitter is mixed gold, red, orange and pink and can be used to cover a whole nail or the glitter can be placed down individually to create a specific design.

I teamed solid colour Encore wit Miss Mistletoe as a statement nail this week and it looked really pretty and festive. After covering my nails in a clear Ciaté top my nail design lasted for around about a week!

Another thing I absolutely adore about this calendar is that behind each little door is a lovely inspirational quote, as you can see above. It’s a great way to start a day – a new nail treat and a little positivity boost with your morning coffee!

I’m going to try and do a weekly post on the advent calendar so you can see all the different nail goodies available from Ciaté, but if you just can’t wait for next week then check out my Instagram or Twitter – just search ‘alicelouisealk’ and hit follow!

Which is your favourite Ciaté mini mani? Do you have an interesting advent calendar? Let me know in a comment below!



  1. These are so cute! I lvoe the mistletoe one xxx

  2. I wish they'd come out with an exciting male calender, the best I could find this year was a star wars one from the pound shop....

    1. I actually haven't seen any cool male advent calendars yet that weren't just alcohol! I got my boyfriend a Star Wars one from ASDA that came with a mini lightsaber! xx

  3. I love Ciate and I love TK MAXX so good for designer bargains! xx

  4. You're such a savvy shopper Alice! I'm going to TKs tomorrow to see if there's any left! xx

    1. Thanks! I know there's some left in the Lancaster store if that helps at all xx

  5. Gorgeous colours! And what an absolute bargain. Ciate polishes are so lovely.
    Laura x FloraLooTwo


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