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Primark beauty basics

As you know I always try and centre my posts around ‘life on a budget’. After struggling through uni with zero money and then working three jobs to try and get rid of my loans and overdraft – whilst also paying my normal bills, I understand what it’s like to live life on a VERY strict budget.

That’s why I’m always really happy when I can find new ways to cut costs and help my readers save a little bit of money! Today’s money saving tactics are on beauty tools!

These days judging looks are thrown when you say "Uhm my hands?" when answering the question, "So how do you apply your foundation?" Make-up brushes are in every drug store, make up shop and even most clothing stores sell their own range these days, but although they aren't hard to get your hands on, they’re not exactly cheap.

Averaging at around £7 a brush from most high street stores beauty brushes aren't pocket money spends, but they do come with a range of benefits. Applying products like concealer and foundation with a brush, will help give you a smoother application and will stop you from caking as much on as you would with your hands.

A major downside to applying base products with your hands is the fact that most of the product ends up being rubbed into pores rather than sitting atop your skin like it’s meant to. Using proper brushes for eye make-up also offers a better, more professional looking application.

So what’s a skint gal to do eh? We don’t want to look like basic make-up bitches but we have an extremely basic bitch budget…..never fear! Auntie Alice has the perfect solution.

Primark now has its own full beauty tool range. Everything from eyelash curlers, to make-up brushes, to removal wipes and each piece costs around £1.50 at the most!

My three favourite pieces of the range were the cosmetic sharpener, the foundation blending brush and the egg make-up sponge.

I’d just bought a cosmetic sharpener for just under £5 from Superdrug when I saw the £1 version in Primark. Needless to say I was a bit annoyed, I mean they all do the same job, why does a Superdrug basics sharpener cost so much? Who does it think it is exactly!? I bought two of the Primark version (just in case) and returned the Superdrug one immediately!

The foundation blending brush is another really cool tool, this is great for smoothing over lines or creases after you've applied your foundation with a brush. Its pointed shape is great as it fits under your eyes to smooth make-up under any bag blemishes and curves well round the other lumps and bumps of the face. It’s also great for blending contouring – everyone loves a multi-tool! For just £1.50 how could I say no?

The egg is a product I adore and have been using the Lottie London version until I discovered the Primark alternative. I use the egg to put my foundation on – after putting liquid foundation on my hand or face I dip the sponge into it and dab all across my face until I have an even coverage on. This allows the liquid foundation to sit on top of your skin instead of sinking into pores and causing spots. For just £1.50 I’d say this product is a 100% essential piece for every make-up bag!

As well as the brushes I got some cotton pads for £1, a tub of cotton buds for £1 and four packs of exfoliating make-up wipes which were £1.50 for two if I remember rightly.

You can get your full basic make-up application brush set for under £15 at Primark and every other beauty tool you could wish for so I suggest getting yourself to your nearest store and stocking up instead of wasting money on bigger brands – they all do the same job at the end of the day and are all of a similar quality!

Have you ever tried any of Primark’s beauty accessories? What did you think of my picks? Let me know in a comment below!


  1. I think I need a trip to Primark now... Really wanted a beauty blender for ages but not wanted to pay the price & now i've seen this I know where to find one!

    Liv xx

  2. These are such bargains!! Can't wait to go to Primark now xxx

    1. I know! Definitely worth stocking up on while you're there xx

  3. Can't believe how cheap the beauty blenders are, I paid a fortune for mine! xx

    1. Same! I was gutted/happy when I saw the Primark one! xx


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